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UK Joins US Air Strikes Of ISIS

UK Joins U.S. Bombing, Courting Danger

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UK Joins U.S. Bombing, Courting Danger By: John Browne On September 26th, the English Parliament voted to join the U.S.-led bombing of ISIL, at least in Iraq. The news was received with relief by most in the Anglosphere world and throughout Europe. However, very little regard has been paid to the relative benefits and costs. […]

US Soldier Iraq

ISIS “Made in USA”

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ISIS “Made in USA”. Iraq “Geopolitical Arsonists” Seek to Burn Region When a fire is raging, firefighters are called – not the arsonist who started it, especially if they return to the scene of the crime dragging a barrel of gasoline behind them. Yet, this is precisely what the US proposes – that they – […]