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So Bill Gates is a good guy you say?

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There seems to be some confusion about Bill Gates and his charity and philanthropic endeavors, so let’s clear it up…

A lot of people think Bill Gates is a good guy, like I used to and like a couple of my friends still do too. Bill Gates like many billionaires created his own charity or “foundation”. He even named it after himself and his wife, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Then what he does is gives or “donates” billions of dollars from his own earnings, income, shares etc. to his own charity, effectively donating billions of dollars to himself. By doing this he avoids paying tax on those billions, tax payments that would otherwise go to building schools, hospitals & roads and paying the salaries of teachers, nurses & fire fighters. Bill thinks it’s better not to give his money to the governments of the countries in which he operates, which would enable the elected representatives in those countries to decide what to do with the money. Instead Bill believes it’s better that he decides what is done with that money, even though he’s not elected by anyone. He could of course also choose to actually donate his money to an existing charity or foundation somewhere in the world that he has no influence over, giving the operators of those charities the ability to decide what to do with the money to help people. But no Bill prefers to retain control of the money himself, and as you’ll see, create a massive spider web of money that is influencing every action your government is taking over your life in the guise of COVID-19. Every action. Yep that too. And that one as well.

So after Bill has avoided paying all of that tax and maintained all of that control over his money, what happens next? This is where it gets interesting…

To maintain its status as a charitable foundation and enjoy avoiding tax, Bill only has to donate a minimum of 5% of the assets of the foundation each year. With tens of billions in their endowment, this means billions need to be donated every year which Bill easily achieves while still keeping tens of $billions invested in Microsoft and other shares.

Bill is famous for donating hundreds of millions of dollars to Imperial College London. Imperial College is where Professor Neil Ferguson works, the professor who modeled COVID19 killing tens of millions of people, the modeling that many governments around the world used to lockdown their citizens and ran relentlessly on the corporate TV channels and newspapers. Professor Ferguson was recently exposed and forced to resign from a government position he holds for violating the very lockdown that he helped implement with the financing of Bill Gates. The lockdown that you are being subjected to. And he’s also been called a fraud by the scientific community after finally making public the code used for his faulty modeling. Yep, the models that locked you down were a complete fraud and were never going to happen. Ferguson has a great track record of this. He is also famous for modeling a death toll of 150,000 from foot-and-mouth disease in the early 2,000’s. There were less than 200. Ferguson also predicted up to 150,000,000 people would die from bird flu in 2005. This time less than 300 died. He appeared again in 2009 stating that swine flu could kill 65,000 people in the UK. The final number was 457. This is all easy for you to see for yourself, just look it up. So Bill funds the man and organization whose data and modeling locked down your life. Does this guy sound like a good person to invest your money into? Well the answer is actually yes if what you’re wanting to achieve is power and control over people’s lives which Bill is obsessed with!

Next up Bill is the largest funder of the World Health Organisation, after the US Government stopped their funding of the organization after its failures during this crisis. Bill Gates has given the WHO billions of dollars both directly and indirectly. The indirectly part is where it’s really fascinating, but first… Now don’t let the name fool you, there isn’t much “World” about the WHO. The largest funders, and by default those with the largest influence over its policies, include of course our beloved Bill and his foundation on top, The GAVI Alliance (funded by Mr Gates), The National Philanthropic Trust (again funded by Gates), and Rotary International (yep also funded by Gates). There’s also a couple of the wealthier countries of the world including the UK, Germany and Japan who all give substantial donations, however you can see who clearly dominates the funding of the organization, directly through his foundation, and indirectly through the other groups he funds who forward Bill’s money on for him. Why many people believe the WHO is a true representation of the world and not working on any particular agenda is understandable. The name itself is confusing, the media hypes them up all the time, and when you look at the donations and see the names of many different organisations, you can be forgiven for thinking that there isn’t any one person with so much influence, until you look a little deeper that is. Also important to remember is the fact that the WHO are the ones who told us on January 14 that there was “no clear evidence of human to human transmission of the novel corona virus”, they stand accused of working with China in an attempt to conceal the outbreak, they got caught advising medical boards around the world to fraudulently state COVID-19 as the cause of death on death certificates even when it was not what actually killed most people, and they are now being forced under pressure to conduct an independent review into their handling of this crisis because it was so bad. After all of their miscommunications and information changing, The WHO praised China on its handling of this crisis, locking down their citizens, often in brutal ways, spying on and monitoring them 24/7, and violently dealing with any citizen who didn’t follow the orders, and people seemed to parrot what the WHO said. Can you imagine another time before 2020 where anyone would have uttered the words “hey we should copy what China did on that”? Me neither! Does the WHO sound like a good place to invest your money into? Well the answer again is yes if what you’re wanting to achieve is power and control over people’s lives, so Bill gives them $billions.

Bill Gates is a good guy?Now we mentioned The GAVI Alliance above and their large funding of the WHO. Who exactly are they? GAVI call themselves “the vaccine alliance” and are focused on vaccinating children across Africa, Asia and Latin America. Bill Gates gives GAVI billions of dollars. GAVI is also funded by the World Health Organisation (who we know receives billions from Bill Gates), UNICEF (who received hundreds of millions from Bill Gates), and The World Bank (who also receive hundreds of millions of dollars from Bill Gates). Interesting spiders web we’re starting to see isn’t it… GAVI is headed by former vaccine manufacturer GSK head Andrew Witty. GAVI says that it vaccinates children in the world’s poorest countries to “save their lives, protect them, and create a healthier, safer and more prosperous world.” Now you would expect that the result of such works would lead to healthier populations in those regions whose populations would thrive right? Wrong. Bill Gates in a famous TED Talk that you can look up online states that if these works are successful, they will result in slowing the population growth. Slowing? That doesn’t sound like a healthy, thriving population outcome to me. Not surprising really though is it. What good is a vaccine if you don’t have enough nutritious food to eat, clean water to drink, running water to bathe in and wash your hands, and no sanitation to take away your garbage? Also what good is a vaccine if it contains cancer causing formaldehyde, neuro-toxic aluminium, and infertility causing polysorbates to name just 3 of the 100+ vaccine ingredients Gates and his organisations use in their products? It’s not a wonder those populations aren’t thriving. What exactly does he have in his corona virus vaccines that he wants to inject into all of us? Oh you still believe vaccines are “safe and effective”? Yep the media did a great job brainwashing people with that line. Look it up for yourself!

Now the next very interesting thing Bill likes to use his money for is simulations, specifically germ simulations. Through the organisations mentioned above plus the World Economic Forum and the Johns Hopkins University (funded by hundreds of millions by Bill as well) Gates ran a simulation late in 2019 called “Event 201” that involved a novel corona virus infecting the world and killing millions of people. You can find videos of the event including who the attendees were on YouTube. The comments have been turned off though due to the backlash of people sounding the alarm on this manufactured event. Sound familiar to the propaganda we’ve all been exposed to for the last few months which never eventuated? Exactly! Bill has been warning for a few years now that the world needed to get ready for a viral pandemic, and that this type of “war” was a much bigger threat to humanity. Sounds like a reason for everyone to be afraid, and what is fear good for? Gaining power and control over people’s lives. Bill runs a simulation for a corona virus that includes locking down the world and even cutting off parts of the internet to protect us all from “fake news”, and then just a couple of months later we see ourselves in this situation? Still not thinking anything nefarious is going on with our mate Bill?

Now what would a truckload of fear and a billionaire who wants to “save” everyone be a good recipe for? Some kind of solution right? Another organization that receives tens of millions of dollars from Bill Gates is The Pirbright Institute. These guys hold patent EP3172319B1 with the European Patent Office for a corona virus with a manmade mutation. Corporations cannot patent things from nature, they must be manmade for them to be able to own the patent to it. That’s how patents work. Pirbright have conducted research projects involving the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Wuhan? Where did this whole corona virus thing begin again? Bill Gates funds the Wuhan University as well as other universities and institutes around China that are working on products related to the corona virus including vaccines. Yep corona virus vaccines have been around for ages, they’re not being magically “rushed to market” to save you. What do we keep hearing from leaders and the media is the thing we need for us all to be able to get back to normal? Well the “new normal” they have in mind for us that is, one of Bill’s toxic vaccines. Go and have a look at the vaccine package insert for any current vaccine from the company who makes the vaccine. You’ll be horrified by the ingredients and listed side effects and adverse reactions these companies admit come with their products.

Just when you were thinking Bill’s been a very busy boy and he couldn’t possibly fit anything else into his schedule, what else do we see politicians pushing on citizens worldwide? Contact tracing apps. Bill funds to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars a company called JSI. JSI are working on the development and implementation of a national COVID-19 surveillance and tracking system that can be implemented by governments to track your every move and that of your children’s. For example the Australian Government has admitted that they plan to track everyone from age 0 to age 90+, and that the storage of this information will be outsourced to a private company. Most other countries are rolling out the exact same system, and politicians in most countries are parroting the exact same lines about why they’re doing so and how. If the leaders of so many diverse nations were implementing policies to benefit their unique populations of citizens, how could they all be doing the exact same thing? JSI with Bill’s money have also helped to digitize rumor reporting and investigation tools using the web, WhatsApp, and telegram. Oh you believed WhatsApp really kept your messages and calls encrypted and private? Wrong again, they have the encryption keys and happily give them out. Plus many countries have been passing laws forcing them to do so even if they ever decide to grow a conscience. There will be no safe and private space if Bill gets his way. And this will all work with the health record databases that so many countries have been building to track their citizens. My Health Record or whatever your country called yours was never about benefiting you, again it is about power and control.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll also be aware that Bill has been having personal phone calls with leaders of many countries including the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, Indian PM Narendra Modi, Pakistani PM Imran Khan, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and many others. Basically if you locked down your citizens and restricted their human rights and freedoms, even if you did it by brutally killing some of them in the case of Modi in India, you received a phone call from Bill Gates heaping praise on your lockdown. Does it make you wonder why someone who is not a citizen of your country and is not a qualified doctor or medical expert, is able to have a personal phone conversation with your leader and dictate what decisions they make over you and your family’s lives? It should! When you’re a multi-billionaire you also get to pay for as much TV air time and newspaper space as you like, to push your agenda on the world in whatever light you want to. You’ve probably noticed like me that Bill has been more active than ever before pushing his vaccine and contact tracing systems on the world as a good thing for months. If only we could all have the same opportunity to have an equal say.

But Bill is such a nice guy you say and he’s giving away all of his wealth. Well you can clearly see that this is a complete lie now. You may also find it interesting that Bill and his wife just bought a new $43,000,000 home to add to their massive real estate portfolio. If that doesn’t spell generous then I don’t know what does. Bill also had a close relationship with sex offender and child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Bill’s foundation has been criticised for not embracing anti-poverty and living wage policies which would actually make a huge difference in the lives of people in poor nations. Bill has also been criticised for heavily pushing the increased use of Microsoft technology in schools, technology that schools do not get for free and need to constantly keep updating benefiting Bill and his fortune massively! Bill’s foundation invests $billions in companies that actually worsen poverty and pollute the same developing countries he claims to be helping. He also invests in private prison corporations like The GEO Group which imprison migrants and their families among other things.

Bill has also come under fire for funding organisations that have been administering HPV vaccines to children in India, many of whom died. Many of the girls were orphans who lived in government-run hostels, and consent for the injections was given by the hostel wardens, a violation of normal procedures. Other children’s consent forms had a stamp of their illiterate parents thumb, parents who had no idea what was going on. Many other children were given the injections without any consent form whatsoever. When a team of health activists from an NGO that specializes in women’s health named Sama visited Khammam, India in March 2010 on a fact-finding mission, they were told that as many as 120 girls experienced adverse reactions such as epileptic seizures, severe stomach ache, headaches and mood swings. The Sama report also said there had been cases of early onset of menstruation following the vaccination, heavy bleeding and severe menstrual cramps among many students. The government dismissed the illnesses and deaths as unrelated to the vaccine without investigations, but were later pulled up by a standing committee for their handling of the incidents. It said that an American NGO — Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH) — had carried out the studies. Have a guess who receives hundreds of millions of dollars of funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation? Yep, PATH. And who had sponsored the trials that used these children as guinea pigs? Bill’s foundation.

If you’ve just read all of that and are still of the belief that Bill Gates is a great guy, then there’s really no help for you. All of this information is so easy to find for yourself. The future that you are helping psychopaths like Bill create with your ignorance will be a disgusting one for your children and grandchildren. I’m certainly not going to lie down and go along with it.

Hear my story of how the pro-vaccine argument lost me when they couldn’t answer these questions…

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