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ISIS Created By The US Government

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ISIS Created By The US Government

‘President Obama has crossed a moral red line. Recently, he did the unthinkable: He announced that the U.S. government would directly arm terrorist groups in Syria. Mr. Obama said that he would waive a federal law designed to prevent weapons from being sent to designated-terrorist organizations. In particular, the president cited a provision in the Arms Export Control Act that enables him to provide assistance to outlawed groups, provided it is “essential to the national security interests of the United States.” Mr. Obama’s actions may be legal, but they are reckless, dangerous and will haunt America for years to come.’

This introduction is from a scarily insightful September 2013 article published in the Washington Times. The article goes on to mention that the conflict in Syria that the US Government is helping to fuel, has caused the death of over 100,000 Syrians, plunged much of the country into a bloody civil war, and would ultimately come back to bite US interests. Whether or not you agree with President Bashar Al Assad, the fact of the matter is that US interventions in these conflicts has only ever served to make things worse for the citizens of these countries, and bolster the position of radical groups.

Now of course President Obama always insists that any military support is only going to the so called ‘moderate’ rebels (what does that even mean?) I digress… Of course once in the hands of any of these rebel groups, there is no guarantee that the weapons will remain there being used for the intended purpose of toppling the Assad government (a government that has now been re-elected by the people of Syria garnering almost 90% of the vote), or instead as we are now seeing in Iraq, those same arms crossing borders and being used against US allied forces and Western interests.

ISIS Created By The US GovernmentPresident Obama and the US government know that these so called rebel groups are in fact filled with Al Qaeda loyalists, jihadists from all over the Middle East hell bent on the creation of an Islamist state that takes up much of Iraq and Syria. The so called FSA or Free Syrian Army is in fact nothing of the sorts, they want Syria turned into a sectarian state where Shariah law reigns supreme, and minority groups of Christians and Alawites are either persecuted, or preferably driven from this land altogether.

The claims that the Assad government had been using chemical weapons against its own citizens were proven not only to be false, but the UN Envoy on Syria confirmed that it was in fact the FSA rebels supported by the US Government who had used chemical weapons, specifically sarin nerve gas, on Syrian Army soldiers and civilians. This of course wasn’t acknowledged by the Obama administration or western media, who continued to demonise the Assad government and call for it’s overthrow (I thought the US like democratically elected governments?).

Since then, Russia brokered a deal saving Obama’s skin that would see Syria destroy it’s arsenal of chemical weapons, which it has completed over 90% of to date. This in the face of more US Government hypocrisy, as they themselves sit on stockpiles of chemical weapons, and have in fact used them on civilians on multiple occasions causing horrific damage in places like Fallujah, Iraq. The actual Syrian army has been winning the war against the jihadists in Syria, taking back cities from the insurgents and cutting off much of their supplies. This has forced many of them to deploy a new game plan which we see playing out now in Iraq.

As the original article in the Washington Times predicted, any US arms sent to Syrian rebels would inevitably end up in the hands of  jihadist fighters. Under the new name ISIS, The Islamic State Of Iraq and Syria, these jihadist rebels are ravaging Iraq, killing thousands of innocent civilians and soldiers, and setting us up for a repeat of 2013 where the US Government and President Obama are weighing up bombing the country once again. Deja Vu anyone?

Absent from the corporate TV and newspaper media are any of the facts and the real questions that need to be asked, instead they spout fear mongering of another 9/11 and terrorist haven if we don’t go in and bomb Iraq all over again. No doubt the situation is dire, and it’s hard to argue, even though a delusional Tony Blair tries to, that Iraq is better off today than it was under Saddam Hussein. Has any US intervention in the region helped the people of the Middle East achieve peace? All it seems to have done is further the profits of the military industrial complex and the banking cartels, along with the tens of thousands of private military contractors that the US government has installed in the region to protect its oil and resource interests and expand the so called ‘war on terror’, a war not unlike that against the boogie man, a war that can never be won.

If the US government is so against Middle Eastern dictators, why did they once support both Saddam Hussein and Assad when they played ball with the US agenda? Why do they not insist on overthrowing the dictators of Saudi Arabia and Qatar who are rife with human rights abuses and the abuse of journalists? As long as there is turmoil in the Middle East, there will always be an excuse for Western governments to go in and intervene in the name of ‘democracy’, a word that become so dirty and drifted so far from its original values that it is almost unrecognisable. Or was that their plan all along, more destabilisation and an excuse to go into Syria and other countries? After all, they’re losing the battle against Assad and this crisis could be manipulated in way to try and get air strikes and troops on the ground in Syria. General Wesley Clark admitted this was the Pentagon plan all along.

How did we get from being at war with the most evil of groups responsible for the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre buildings, to arming those same groups in the Middle East? If that is not a treasonous act then it’s hard to say what is.

*Order Out of Chaos: The Global Elites Plan for a “Middle Eastern Union”