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Feature video:

Gaddafi Libya

Libya Then and Now

Libya Then and Now: An Overview of NATO’s Handiwork In 2011, as the entire world watched the Arab Spring in amazement, the US and its allies, predominantly […]
Nov 25, 2014 /

The Power of Media

The Power of Media: A Libertarian Perspective Powerlessness and Punditry: The Empathy Gap Between Audience and Media Complaints around “ethics in journalism” from aggrieved #GamerGate participants recently […]
Oct 30, 2014 /
Autism Identified

Culprits of Autism Identified

Culprits of Autism Identified: Toxins, Gut Bacteria, Nutritional Deficiencies, and Vaccines Made with Human Fetal Cell Lines By Dr. Mercola Three decades ago, when I was still […]
Oct 6, 2014 /
Vaccine safety

Killer Vaccine Ingredients

Killer vaccine ingredients and what they're doing to your child The argument for the safety of many of these ingredients is that we consume them in our […]
Sep 9, 2014 /
US Soldier Iraq

ISIS “Made in USA”

ISIS “Made in USA”. Iraq “Geopolitical Arsonists” Seek to Burn Region When a fire is raging, firefighters are called – not the arsonist who started it, […]
Sep 4, 2014 /